Sunday, August 6, 2017

Adult Pointe: Almost time to ante up

After a couple weeks away, I got back to class yesterday. I didn't get there as early as I would have liked, and as I passed Susan on my way into the studio I asked if she'd settled on a day and time for the Adult Pointe class. She said said she really was too busy to teach yet another class -- she's already teaching four days a week on top of her full-time job. I expressed disappointment and went to find my place at the barre and start warming up.

Coincidentally I was sharing the barre with one of the women who regularly takes class en pointe, and I said that Susan seemed to have dropped the idea of a pointe class. She said she understood, as she was pretty busy herself. In the middle of this conversation Susan walked toward the corner of the studio where I was standing and started speaking. At first I didn't think she was speaking to me, but as my brain tuned in I realized she was saying that Thursday was the only day she could schedule the class, and she'd submit a class request at Joy of Motion when she was there Monday. Wow!

So all you folks (and friends of you folks) who wanted an adult pointe class, listen up! This class is on the verge of happening. Here's a summary to date:

  • Who: Susan Gresko
  • When: Thursday evenings
  • Where: Joy of Motion in Bethesda
  • Start time: TBD
  • Start date: TBD
Susan reiterated that this will not be a drop-in class. Each class will build on the content of the previous class. You will need to sign up for (and pay for) the entire series, and avoid missing classes if at all possible.

Joy of Motion lists their series classes as running for 9 to 13 weeks. When I pitched this to Susan I suggested 5 to 6 weeks, but this is up to her. Keep an eye out here and on the Joy of Motion website.

I have no idea whether students will be expected to arrive for the first class with pointe shoes in hand. If you don't already have fitted pointe shoes, I suggest contacting Susan and asking. I happen to be fond of Footlights in Silver Spring, Frederick, and Alexandria; MYB has discount coupons for them. I'm told finding the right pointe shoe is on par with or worse than trying to find a well-fitting bra -- you will need professional fitting. Buying off the 'net is a waste of time.

On a personal note, I feel a little guilty for talking Susan into giving up one of her few remaining free evenings to teach this class. What will make me feel better is for the class to be a success. That means enough students actually signing up and attending to make it worth her time and effort. If there are enough students it could become a regular thing, but if there isn't sufficient enrollment this time your can probably forget about there being another chance for quite a while.

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  1. This is wonderful news! Thanks so much for all of your help with this, Reece!


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