Monday, September 7, 2015

Holiday break update

This weekend is the American Labor Day holiday, and the studio is closed. I also had to skip last Tuesday evening's Beginner II class due to the sunburn on my legs, but I did get to Thursday evening's Advanced Beginner class.

Even though the adult classes don't stop over the summer, Thursday's class felt a bit like the start of a new semester. I didn't really have trouble with any of the sequences until we got to the petit all├ęgro portion. The sequence was easy but the pace was not; I just can't seem to move that quickly. Even when I don't get stuck between phrases I have trouble with changes of direction. This exercise involved sissonnes to the front, side, rear, side in rapid sequence. The four girls from the academy classes did it beautifully, some of the adults did it passibly, and I couldn't keep up with the music.

Is this sort of speed something you can gain with practice?

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