Friday, May 15, 2015

Continuity and Endurance

One of the things I've consistently had trouble with is moving from one phrase to another smoothly. We learn a sequence in phrases, then try to execute it as a long sequence. I often get stuck at the end of a phrase and find myself behind at the start of the next. Talking to other students I see this is a common problem.

Recently, though, I've had more success in transforming the phrases into unbroken sequences. The first time this happened we were doing a petite allegro broken into three-count phrases but danced to 4-count music. Normally this works out badly for me, but on this occasion last week it just all flowed together.

Tuesday I was one of the first into the classroom, and decided to try some pirouettes. Not only did they work nicely, I was tempted to try some doubles (but didn't). Yet later, when we got to turning combinations after barre and some other exercises, I had difficulty controlling them. I think the difference is in how tired I am, rather than specific technique.

Lastly, during grand allegro I found myself alone on the floor. We were supposed to be going in groups of two and maybe three, but my fellow students had clumped together for (self-protection of their egos?) and left me by myself. It was a simple combination of sauté arabesque derrieres, chassés and pas de bourrées, though one of them was backward (upstage leg raised) into which I hadn't quite figured out the transition, and ending in what I think was supposed to be a little assemblé tournaunt. I decided to just put on a show, and though I stutter-stepped through the confusing transition I finished with the highest tour jeté I could muster while landing in fifth. I either did really well or blew it really badly, as the other students were pretty much silent, but I didn't get any specific corrections from the instructor. Maybe white men can't jump, but we jump better than most women.

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