Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A bit better every day

I find excessively cheerful people annoying. You know, those who answer a polite "How are you?" with something like "If I was any better today it'd be illegal." *grrr*

Yet at the risk of sounding like one of those people, the title of this posting is appropriate. Just about every day I feel a little better than the day before. I've had a couple of days where I over-did things — over-exerted myself or didn't get enough sleep — and I paid for it the next day. But otherwise things have been moving right along. At +14 days I'm taking only a couple of ibuprofen tablets a day, more for the anti-inflammatory benefit than for pain management.

There's a website that, among other things, hosts blogs written by people who have had similar procedures. Sometimes I read these and marvel at how different their experiences have been from mine. At the same point, some are still taking heavy pain meds, others are struggling to get through the day. I'm cranky that I can't carry my own groceries or make my own bed without a friend giving me a hand. It doesn't make me any less cranky, but I am consciously aware of how lucky I am.

I think boredom is my greatest enemy right now. I'm staring through the window at the snow outside, wondering if it's warm enough to go take a walk (it's 36F/2.2C). I'm not allowed to drive for another week or so. I'm back in my own house now, and attempting to do something about the clutter in the house sent enough warning twinges to signal that that's not a good idea yet. I'm wondering whether it's too early to try an easy routine at my barre just to limber up my legs.


  1. Great that it is getting better!
    Only two ibus/day is pretty good.
    I understand the need to be moving again.
    As to a barre..... if it does not hurt, you could try it... but what do the docs say?

    1. I haven't asked my doc since discharge two weeks ago. Then her statement was that I could go back to class at +6 weeks, but I have an appointment early this week and I'll check again. I really want to get active again, but it's more important that I not do anything that would slow the healing or cause injury.


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