Thursday, August 29, 2013

When all else fails, dance!

Last week my garbage disposal died. As best I can tell it's rusted solid, and nothing I tried would break it free. So this weekend I spent a few hours replacing the thing. Since I installed this one when the original one corroded through and fell off the sink in 2004, it wasn't a big challenge.

I didn't get to class Tuesday because of a work-related commitment. Since I was home earlier than usual I washed some laundry. I'd like to say I dried it too, but the dryer took that opportunity to die. I bought it new when I moved into the house waaay back in 1987, so you can't say I didn't get my money's worth out of it. Either it or the washer (of the same vintage) has taken to biting holes in my clothes of late, so I decided to replace the two as a pair. The new ones get delivered the middle of next week.

Maybe it's time to rent The Money Pit again. Or the original 1948 version of that movie, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

Wednesday morning I visited my dentist to have him look at a rough spot on a tooth. I left several hours later with half my face numb and an appointment for the installation of a crown in two weeks. Have I mentioned how much I hate dentists? The only reason I don't go postal on the whole profession is that I fear being without them even more. Talk about love/hate relationships.

Having missed Tuesday's class, and with the school being closed this weekend for the Labor Day holiday, I decided I really needed to show up for the Wednesday evening class. Somehow all of this sharpened my concentration (or maybe it was the ibuprofen) because I think I was one of very few who got all the combinations at the barre. I screwed up once because I let myself get distracted by those I could see in the mirror, then realized my error and got back on track. I did pretty well in the center, though I still can't do full inside turns worth a damn. Ah, well... some day.

I got talking with one of the school regulars during one of the breaks and we got to talking about the course offerings. I inquired about the Advanced Beginner class, as I'd like to make my schedule Sat/Sun/Tue/Thu, and the only Thursday evening class is AB. She said it was a significant step up from B2, which is what I suspected. She then demonstrated the risks of succumbing to Ballet Addiction and suggested I could take classes Mon/Tue/Wed/Sat and twice on Sunday. I smiled politely and backed away slowly. You never know what an addict will do if you make sudden moves.

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