Saturday, July 6, 2013

Taking a break from ballet

What? Taking a break from ballet? Why?

Don't worry, it's only for a couple of weeks. I have two good reasons, the first of which being that I'm going to Ireland for a mix of business and vacation. It'd be kind of hard to get to class when it's an 8 hour flight each way. I guess I'm just not that dedicated.

What about taking a class in Ireland? I looked into that. Really, I did. All the class schedules I could find ended sometime last month and don't start again until August or September. I even emailed a couple of likely studios, only to be told nothing was available in July.

Which brings me to my second reason. I've been dealing with an ache in my right leg that begins on the outside of my hip, runs down the indentation between the quads and hamstrings, down the lateral aspect of the calf, and ends up in various places in my foot. Everyone agrees that it's not a joint issue, and most suggest the fastest way to fix it is a combination of gentle stretches several times daily and NOT dancing for a while. I've been kinda reluctant to do that (yes, I'm addicted!), but this trip is forcing the issue.

I went to class Tuesday evening as usual. After class I told our instructor where I was going and promised I'd be back in a couple of weeks. She promptly asked me if I was going to come Wednesday evening or Saturday morning before I left. I was sorely tempted (pun intended) this morning, but I really want this thing to get as much of a chance to heal before I come back.

Here's hoping the break does some good!

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  1. Added your blog to my Wordpress "blog roll". Looking forward to visiting often!


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