Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is this Friday the 13th or something?

Last night I got ready to sew the elastics on my black slippers and discovered they're too small. I even tried them on in the store before I bought them to avoid this very problem! Frustrated, I rolled over and went to sleep.

Early this morning pulled out my new white Romeos. I removed the black thread from the sewing needle and rethreaded it with white to start on those elastics. I'd finished sewing one of the four ends and just started a second when the needle broke. I didn't think I was pushing that hard on it but I guess I was. I'm sure I have other needles in the house but who knows where. The sewing goods store opened at 9am, so I made plans to wear the old black slippers one last time. I packed my dance bag with a change of clothing, tossed in my two pair of unsewn shoes, and headed out. On the way I picked up a package of new needles and arrived for class about 45 minutes early.

Good thing too, because I discovered my old black slippers were NOT in the bag. Nor were my old too-small white slippers. Only the two pairs of new, unsewn slippers. I found a chair in the hallway, threaded a new needle with fresh white thread and got to work on the white Romeos. I finished with about 15 minutes to spare and spent the remaining time trying to stretch out. But that's not the end of the craziness.

One of our instructor's habits is to show up about 15 minutes early, spend 5 minutes in the teachers' office, then spend the remaining time before class stretching and socializing out in the hallways. Today she was conspicuous by her absence. Everyone is entitled to be late now and again, but it seemed really odd when she hadn't arrived by the time class was due to start. A few minutes later the (male) instructor from the boys' class that immediately precedes our class stepped in and announced that our instructor had been taken "rather seriously ill" and he'd be filling until the substitute instructor arrived.

Thus I got to experience a bit of two new instructors over the course of a 90 minute class. I think I could enjoy taking class from either of them, though their styles are quite different from what I've had before.

After class I checked with the front desk hoping to find out more about our instructor's condition. I won't post what they told me (and they probably shouldn't have told me as much as they did), but I am rather concerned for her. I'm hoping she's going to be OK.

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