Thursday, February 21, 2013

More chaînés success

Decided to go to class tonight too, despite being a bit stiff still from last night's class. After barre exercises we repeated the sequence in the center from two weeks ago. Once again I was able to do sequences of fast, tight chaînés turns, something I would have said I couldn't do only a few months ago. At least I can do them turning clockwise; counterclockwise I'm still a bit off but I can tell what I'm doing wrong and it'll fix itself with practice. But I no longer feel like a total dolt in the center.

Something else that contributed to the feeling of confidence was watching a video of an adult ballet company in San Francisco this afternoon. In that video were a number of men who took up dancing as adults. Some were really good, but some who had been taking class longer than I have looked... well, let's just say I feel graceful and capable by comparison. I'm not putting them down, mind you, but it gives me additional points of comparison.

Of course, Sunday will come around and my ego will get punctured and shrink back to normal size. But for the next couple of days I think I'll be feeling pretty good.

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