Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A one and a two and a...

I have tickets to My Fair Lady tomorrow, which means I'm going to miss my regular Wednesday evening class. Since classes are sparse for the next couple weeks due to the holidays, I decided to take one tonight at the studio where I normally go Sunday. The only problem is that instead of Beginner I, tonight's class is Beginner II. The published class description is almost the same, except the latter is for students who already have some experience with ballet. Ok, I have some previous experience, so why not?

I arrived early enough to change and stretch before class. The first half of class was barre, and I did pretty well. The sequences were more complex than I'm used to, but I feel that I fit in with the rest of the class well enough. I even got some compliments from the instructor.

Once we moved to the center, well, nicht sehr gut. I'm not sure why, but I just couldn't balance on one foot. We did a couple of steps I hadn't encountered before, which means I have to learn it twice: once right and once left. I guess some people can translate from side to side, but I have trouble with it. Combinations were longer, with less explanation, with the instructor observing rather than leading.

Towards the end of class things got better. My balance improved; not perfect, but not wobbling nearly as badly. I could get part way through the combinations, and each run-through improved over the one before, though I never got all the way through. I found it both challenging and frustrating.

At least I know the difference between Beginner I and Beginner II now!

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