Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Capezio does it again

They've apparently dropped the 5945 tights I like. So tonight I'll buy a few more pair, if I can find them on the 'net, and then go looking for another brand for when these wear out.

What brand and model tights do the men out there like?


  1. My favorite widely available tights right now are M Stevens 1099 (Milliskin), either footed or footless. Compared to my previous Capezios, they have a better stretch and are nicely seamed around the ankle and foot in a way that the Capezios are not. They do have a slight sheen, which is a matter of taste.

    However, my favorite (perhaps less available) tights are from Saut de Basque. Right now they only sell patterned tights, but I was able to get some solid color ones. Again, good stretch and feel.

    1. Hey Jeff! Thanks for the reply.

      How does the M. Stevens sizing work compared to, say, the Capezio MT-11?

      It seems so stupid to label things M/L/XL/etc. without a guide to how they might fit. Especially when they vary from model to model even within a single brand.


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