Friday, January 20, 2012

Washing dancewear?

Ok, I'll admit ignorance of the finer details of washing dancewear. What's the best way to clean stuff like microfiber tights really well, but not damage them? At around $30 each I don't want to be tossing them in the laundry when they say "hand wash".

What's your technique?


  1. My routine is to handwash my tights and dance belts then hang to dry. I use regular liquid hand-soap -- just 'cause it's the most convenient since I'm usually washing at home in the bathroom sink -- but I suppose a case could be made for something more specialized like Woolite.

  2. I wash all my dancewear in those zippered mesh "lingerie bags". They are meant to limit the wear and tear on delicate items in the washer. I can't be bothered to hand wash, so sticking the dance stuff in bags and then in with the rest of the laundry is the only way I can keep up! :)


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