Saturday, December 3, 2011

A little catch-up

Somehow I neglected to post an update mid-November, so I'll reconstruct one,

I made it to Yoga and both ballet classes. I'd been in Orlando on vacation for a week, and spent a lot of that walking. We did the Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, and Disney Epcot. A lot of good exercise, but not much stretching. Not good thing for an older, inflexible male when faced with barre stretches. I swear that if my hamstrings weren't wrapped wrapped with flesh you'd be able to take a violin bow to them and make sounds. I make screeching noises anyway, as it feels a lot like someone is running a knife along the bottom of my leg. I don't push hard enough to tear anything -- I'm not crazy -- but it's seriously intense. Seeing the women in the class comfortably draped over their legs just makes me shake my head.

One of the paradoxes is that I got back into dance partially to improve my flexibility, yet getting up every morning my ankles are stiff to the point where the first few minutes after getting out of bed I walk like an old geezer. That's not the result I was hoping for!

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