Sunday, October 9, 2011

Comment Spam

I encourage those with something to say about my scribblings here to comment. I cherish each and every one.

However, I've received some comments that contain links to commercial websites that don't appear to be relevant to my writings. For example, one replied that he or she (the person's profile doesn't say) was considering taking a class and had purchased a leotard. The word "leotard" was a link to a site that sells children's leotards and tights. I'm not a child. I don't write about children's clothing. The only purpose of the comment appeared to be to drive business to that company's website.

Sorry, I'm not playing that game.

If you want your comment displayed, don't link to commercial websites. If you want to recommend a web site to me, post a comment telling me why it's relevant to me; I'll read it in the quarantine, but don't expect to get it made visible.

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