Friday, April 18, 2014

I remember this!

It's all coming back to me now: the aches in my calf muscles when I try to walk. Having to push on my chair's arm rests to get up. Falling into my seat when I try to sit down. I haven't hurt like this since... oh... the last time I whined about this a year or more ago.

Wednesday's pliés were uncomfortable and relevés worse, but I didn't expect the aches to last this long. It's just more proof that I need to restart slowly, though I find that hard to do. I ditched the idea of the classes last night or tomorrow, and have set my sights on Monday evening instead. Or Wednesday. Or both... *sigh*

I should also note what I didn't have trouble with. I didn't need to pant to catch my breath between each barre exercise. I didn't have any trouble getting my arms into high fifth, though that's about the limit of their motion at the moment. I didn't hurt during forward bends as long as I kept my back fairly straight. I didn't hurt (much) during backward bends, though that's because I stopped when I encountered resistance. Circular port de bras only twinged a little, which will probably go away with some stretching. I was far worse only a few weeks ago.

But if you see someone walking like a penguin, think of me!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First class in 10 weeks: I survived!

Taking the Beginner 1 class rather than last night's B2 (or tomorrow's AB) was definitely the right choice. I did make it through to the end, but at the end I was running on sheer determination. But I made it.

I felt a little lost at the start of barre. Traffic was worse than I expected, and though I had plenty of time to park and change I didn't have time to warm up. Then all the folk who remembered me wanted to know where I'd been, so I really hadn't gotten focused when class started.

It's amazing how fast you can forget things, and how quickly they start to come back. I had to really pay attention to the demonstrations to remember what to do. I felt unsteady, especially on demi-pointe, and my calf muscles (and my feet, of all things) kept threatening to cramp up early on. I lack flexibility, though I can't really blame any of it on the surgery specifically other than the lack of activity. In center, I figured out the adagio combination fairly eaily, and my balance started coming back on the second repetition.

At the end I found myself out of breath. Not the rapid but ineffective panting of February, but the slow, tired sort of feeling you get out of exertion at a faster pace than you're used to. Not surprisingly, my pulse rate was quite elevated, but my oxygen saturation was back to 98% by the end of reverence. The only thing I need to do to fix this is keep exercising.

More classes. Oh, the horror!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

32 Hours and counting...

What, me eager? Naah...

It's been 10 weeks since I bailed out of an Advanced Beginner class after barre because I felt so out of breath, even though I was breathing just fine. As I left I told my instructor that I had an appointment the next week to find out what the problem was. I haven't been in a ballet class since.

It's been 9 weeks since that appointment, during which I examined at my echocardiogram and said to my doc, "So I guess I'm having surgery." That day I had my dance bag in my car in the expectation that I'd go to class that night. I still haven't opened that bag, though I took it out of the car long ago.

Tomorrow it will be 6 weeks since a crazy woman with a great sense of humor and brilliant skills repaired a valve defect that I was barely aware of six months ago. Almost immediately the shortness of breath vanished, though it's taken me until now to heal enough that I can go back to class. I'm still officially prohibited from "lifting any ballerinas" (her words, not mine) for another four weeks, and it'll be months yet before I'm back to normal.

I thought about cheating a day and going to the Beginner 2 class tonight, but I worry that after 10 weeks off it would be more than I'm ready for. Tomorrow's Beginner 1 class is the safer option, and will tell me where I stand without the temptation to over-do. If I want another class in the short term I have two options Thursday and one Saturday.

For the moment, though, my focus is on tomorrow. Stay tuned for a post-class update tomorrow night...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

7 Days and Counting

In just 7 days I'll officially be allowed to go back to class.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The perils of being a male ballet student

One thing I've learned from being a male ballet student is that it's impossible to blend into the crowd or otherwise stay anonymous. In a school with well over a hundred adults taking classes I suspect I could count the number of men who take classes regularly on two hands. I'd guess there's one male for every 20 female adult students, if that. When I check in before class I rarely have to give my name to any of those who staff the desk.

I was reminded of this when I went to pick up my tickets to the Spring Concert at the will-call desk. The woman sitting there often checks me in before classes, and when she saw me she remarked, "Oh! I know you!" and pulled out the envelope with my tickets. This after not having set foot in the place for six weeks.

Sometimes it's nice to be recognized. :-D