Sunday, January 8, 2017

The start of another year

Happy new year, folks!

I'd planned to go to the stretch class yesterday, but it was snowing. I don't really have a problem with snow, but too many drivers in the DC area have no clue how to deal with it, and I just didn't want to be on the roads.

So this morning I attended the Beginner II class. I'm rusty. The studio was closed both new year's and xmas weekends, and there was ice the weekend before that. According to this journal I got to a stretch class December 10th, a ballet class October 4th and two in September. Bleagh.

To top things off, I overslept and didn't arrive at the studio until after the time class should have started. They never manage to actually start on time, so I walked in as the instructions for the first exercise were being given and didn't have time to warm up first. Fortunately there were only about 18 students and I found a place at a barre easily with minimal disruption to the the class.

Barre was long, lasting about an hour. Nothing terribly strenuous, though, as if this was the start of a new class and not just the continuation of the year-round drop-in class. On the other hand, that's pretty much what I needed. My muscles aren't really happy about being stretched in now-unfamiliar ways, but my balance was pretty good. In center we did a series of exercises that built in complexity, and when we added pirouettes I didn't have too much trouble with them (I'm sure my form is off, but I got around okay and felt stable doing it). If I tried to focus too much on any one of my problems other things fell apart, but I figure that will get better as I get back into the routine.


  1. 18 students is nice for Beginner II on Sundays -- usually that class is packed. I hadn't been to class between Thanksgiving until last week, so I know how you feel. A lot of people are in and out during the winter holiday season.

    1. It was a nice size. I'm paying for my lapse in attendance now -- today (Wednesday) is the first day I can walk without serious aching in my calf muscles. I'd given a bit of thought to going Tuesday night, but decided to give myself a bit more time to recover.

  2. The more you go back (with shorter lapses between classes), the quicker your body will recover. I do know what you mean, though!


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