Sunday, August 16, 2015

This ain't cutting it

Two weeks ago I had to skip class to finish a project for work. Last weekend I was away on vacation. I thought about going Tuesday evening but I was fighting off some sort of allergy or cold thing and felt awful. I was all set to go Thursday evening, but left my dance bag at home. Yes, it's been that sort of month.

Which brings us to today. I was looking forward to a nice, measured, Beginner II class with our regular instructor. A chance to ease back into things. As I was walking away from the front desk after checking in (at which I was greeted by name, thanks!) I heard her call, "You know {Tuesday night instructor} is substituting today, right?" Well, no, I didn't know. Not that that would affect my attendance, but it did mean that nice and measured wasn't happening.

I made it through the 50 minutes of barre feeling pretty good, though a bit tired. But 15 minutes into center I started having real trouble wrapping my head around the sequence. Not that they were terribly complex, but the steps just wouldn't stick in my head. So I sat down and let my body recover. I got back up for the last two exercises, though I really wasn't all there yet.

Clearly I need to go back to my previous three class a week schedule, if only to maintain physical fitness. My technique isn't suffering too badly yet, but if I can't make it through the entire class it will. I guess the good news is the the studio is between my new job site and home, so I'm not going out of the way to get there.

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