Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 9 update

Yesterday afternoon I was walking from the subway to where I'd parked my car near the dance studio. This is the same walk I'd taken in early February, requiring several stops to catch my breath while climbing a rather shallow hill. Only yesterday I didn't need to stop at all; a few yawns were sufficient to keep me moving at a good pace.

Having made it to the studio in time to attend the Beginner 1 class, I went in, changed, and took some time to warm up. This class wasn't as crowded as it was three weeks ago, but there were still a goodly number of students. There were a couple of fun moments as the woman standing to my left and I performed synchronized rond de jambes and other exercises. My relev├ęs are getting more stable and my calf muscles are able to hold me longer before fatiguing.

Center was good too. With combinations simple enough that I could hold the whole sequence in my head, I could add a bit of artistry by blending the end of one movement into the start of the next. Unfortunately my pirouettes still haven't recovered, and I've yet to be able to do more than one or two per evening that don't end in me falling out of it or having to hop the last quarter turn or so. Can I blame that on the humidity making the floor stickier?

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