Friday, March 9, 2018

Aaaah... CHOO!

A week ago Thursday I went back to class, being careful not to overdo the arching of my back. Everything seemed fine, and I participated in all activities. I had a wee bit of trouble translating the grand allegro from one side to the other, but that's nothing new.

Saturday's class also went pretty well. I skipped the jump warmup, but otherwise did all the exercises. One of them has been giving me fits for weeks. It's another one of those twisty sequences that changes with every measure: 3 petite jetes, 1 glissade; 2 petite jetes, 1 glissade, 1 petite jete; 1 glissade, 1 assemble, 1 petite jete, 1 assemble; sous-sou. Repeat to the other side. Every class I've gotten further through the sequence before I screwed it up; this time I got through the whole sequence only a little bit behind the music, but screwed it up when we did it again. Oh well, little improvements are better than no improvements at all.

One of the announcements Susan made was that the woman who has run the Adult Weekend Workshop for the last few years is moving and won't be running it this year, and Susan has been asked to take it over. This is both interesting and scary. I haven't decided whether I'm going to sign up because it's interesting, or opt for personal preservation. There isn't a date set yet, but the last few years it's been in June.

Tuesday I was busy at work and skipped class, rationalizing that I'd be in class Thursday. Thursday I had every intention to go to class, and even had my dance bag in the car, but I got hit by allergies and was sneezing so badly that I reluctantly went home and dosed myself with Benadryl.

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