Friday, January 26, 2018

When is it a "good" time to be sick?

Monday started like any other Monday. Well, except for the government shutdown. Rather than go into the office only to be sent to work offsite at noon, I chose to work from home from the outset. I hadn't felt all that great on Sunday, and by Monday afternoon I recognized that I'd caught some sort of bug.

I'd hoped to stave off any real illness by taking care of myself and going to bed early Monday evening, but Tuesday it was clear that hadn't worked. I slept most of the day and gave no thought to going to class Tuesday evening. That pretty well describes Wednesday and Thursday too. The instructor for the class I usually take Thursday evening is off at some sort of dance competition so I didn't even have to fret over missing that class.

So here it is mid-day Friday. Aside from sleeping, eating, watching some TV, and sleeping some more, I've done basically nothing this week. My temperature fluctuates between normal and a low-grade fever. I never really had the full-on flu, for which I'm thankful, but I'd rather not have been sick at all. I won't be going to class tomorrow on general principles, even if my temperature stabilizes this evening. Maybe I'll get to class Sunday, but probably not; right now I have my sights set on Tuesday evening.

But right now I think I'm gonna sleep for a bit.


  1. Apparently they now have a quick, definitive test for the presence of the flu. The only problem is the test involves sticking a thin swab way up your nose. Twice. Eeewww!

    Anyway, the test showed I don't have the flu. Instead, I have a bacterial sinus infection. Woo hoo! I now have a bottle of humongous antibiotic pills, which should wipe the invader from my body.

    I kinda doubt I'm gonna make it to class on Tuesday evening, but I'm looking forward to returning to class Thursday or Saturday.

  2. I hope you are feeling better! I finally returned to ballet on Sunday morning (Beg. II class) after 3 1/ months off due to tendonitis. I did not releve for most of the class and so far, so good. I was sorry not to see you in class but hopefully sometime some both of us will be heathy and back 100%.

    1. I'm glad to hear you're back in class! Resist the urge to dive back in at full speed -- let yourself ease back in slowly.

      My congestion and cough are subsiding pretty quickly and I haven't had a fever since Monday morning. I'd really like to go to class tonight, but given how wiped out I feel from just going out for lunch today tells me that it'll be another couple of days before I'm ready.


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