Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Adult Pointe: complications

I asked Susan for clarification re acquiring pointe shoes. She says anyone planning to attend this class should show up for the first class with pointe shoes in hand.

Pointe shoes really need professional fitting, and the fitters get really busy around the start of a new semester when all the kids need new shoes. Also stocks get depleted. From what I've observed while I've been shopping for dance gear, getting fitted for pointe shoes is not something you'll dash in and get done in a few minutes. Schedule yourself some time.

So... if you're serious about taking this class and you don't already have well-fitted pointe shoes, it might be a good idea to start your search soon.

That's the good news. The bad news is a few hiccups have developed:

The Adult Pointe class needs to be run as a series class, as opposed to a drop-in class. This because of the nature of the instruction requires students to attend regularly as each class builds on the ones before it.

The person Susan spoke with at Joy of Motion told her that all Series classes were 13 weeks long. The Intro to Ballet class she teaches at MYB runs only 5 weeks, which is what she (and I) had discussed. Understandably, she doesn't want to commit to a 13 week class schedule. I pointed out that the JoM website says that adult series classes "are for dancers looking for 9-13 weeks of cumulative dance training". Nine weeks is longer than 5-6 weeks, but shorter than 13. And why a minimum of 9 weeks?

Susan thinks she just needs to find the right person at JoM to arrange this.

The person at Joy of Motion also told her "the fall schedule is already set." But what does that really mean? This isn't an idea for a class needing marketing to find students. This is an instructor and students looking for a studio.

Susan says the only evening she has available is Thursday, and it'd need to be held in Bethesda. The most likely time is from 6:30 to 7:30pm. JoM's Bethesda facility has four studios (one with a wood floor and three with Marley). The current schedule for the Bethesda facility has a Hip Hop Basics class from 6:30 to 7:30, and a Hip Hop Beginner class from 7:30 to 8:30, so the facility is already going to be open and there will be several unused studios.

This would also seem to address any concern that a shorter class might prevent scheduling of a longer (i.e. more profitable) class. An unused studio brings in no revenue. Since there will already be the Hip Hop classes going on at the same time, there's minimal additional cost to making use of an unused studio.

I'm tired and sore -- yes, I went to class this evening. I'm a do-er and a fixer. Trying to accomplish a goal through influence and suggestion is frustrating to me and it's making me cranky. So I'm going to go to bed now. Right after I take some ibuprofen.


  1. Hi Reece -- Thanks for asking Susan about pointe shoes as well as the update the class itself. You certainly are a do-er and fixer!

    1. It's a blessing and a curse. Ask anyone who has tried to elicit sympathy for their problems but isn't looking for solutions.


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