Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Skipped a week

I skipped class last week. I know, I'm bad. Tuesday I was planning to go bit got involved in a project and lost track of time until it was far too late to get there. This weekend I had a better excuse: I was in Toronto!

This evening I made sure I was ready well in advance and arrived in time to warm up while listening to our instructor talk about her recent trip to England. Yes, she was in Manchester when the bomb went off, but she was nowhere near it. I told her I was glad she didn't get blown up, "cuz I didn't want to have to break in a new ballet instructor." :-)

It's kinda frustrating to go from taking three or more classes a week and feeling good to taking one and being exhausted. The biggest problem is that it's a bit of a chicken-and-egg issue: the only thing that will fix it is that which also highlights the problem. But you have to just keep plugging along. I'm trying to be more careful about my diet and I'm working on being more active. That includes getting to class more often. Every week I feel the need to sit out less and less of class, and feel a tiny bit better at the end. Tonight I sat out the jumps but otherwise participated in everything and didn't feel totally wiped out. Little steps.

Oh! We had a second man in the class. He's clearly new to this. He was wearing clothes more suited to going for a run, and he seemed to be having a fair amount of difficulty with basic positions. I'm not sure what prompted him to get into this class (what I call Beginner 2.75 level) but he definitely was struggling. I spoke to him at the break to let him know this was "almost Advanced Beginner level" but he barely even acknowledged me and never said a word. Hey, I tried.

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