Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stretch class

It's amazing what excuses one can come up with to avoid going to class.

Like many of my other hobbies, once I've been away from them for a while I find all sorts of reasons not to pick them up again. Yet if I do I kick myself for being away from it so long.

In the case of ballet, the longer I'm away the more it hurts after the first class back. It's a nasty negative feedback loop. I've never been one of those flexy-bendy people, and having not taken class regularly for well over 6 months now I've been dreading restarting. This morning I still didn't want to go to Beginner II (2.75, really), but compromised by going to the Stretch class in the afternoon.

I've written about this class before, but I can't find it. I've taken a few stretch classes at this studio, but I really like this instructor.  It's a lot like a yoga class with ballet mixed in, so we'll do the "pigeon" pose but we'll also do a lunge in 4th. This time I got a spot in the back of the room where I could easily see what others were doing. The instructor is all about modifying poses and positions to accommodate individual limitations, so when one didn't work for me I could look around the room and see what others were doing as alternates.

As I've mentioned before, I can be a bit competitive. Parked as I was right behind this flexy-bendy woman who could sit flat on the floor in a front/back split reminded me of just how inflexible I am. For me there really isn't a difference between a lunge and a split -- I'm about the same height above the ground in either. I understand that at my best I'll never be that flexible (on the other hand I've never sprained anything, ever) but it'll take a lot of work to get anywhere near to my best. And that's frustrating. But I need the exercise, and ballet and stretch classes seem to be one of the few activities I'm motivated enough to do.

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  1. I knew what you mean about that negative feedback loop. I am making myself take Beginner II tomorrow -- the first class since the week before Thanksgiving!


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