Sunday, January 10, 2016

January is a different month

Ten days into the new month I've already gotten to more classes than I did all last month: a Saturday and a Tuesday of the Beginner 2.75 flavor, and today's true Beginner 2. The Saturday and Tuesday classes were mentally challenging due to the long combinations. Today's class felt markedly easier, allowing me time to really focus on form, at least until the last couple of exercises when I just felt tired. The combinations at the end weren't complex, but I was tired and I still sometimes have trouble stitching phrases together into a continuous movement.

I though I'd done quite well, getting only a few minor spasms in my feet and calf muscles during barre and feeling quite mobile this afternoon and evening. However, while getting up out of my chair this evening, I was hit with a horrific cramp in my left adductor. After some minutes (hours, it seemed) the cramp loosened enough for me to hobble to the kitchen and get some water, vitamin and mineral supplements, and Gatorade. Now, lying in bed with the laptop on my legs, I have to be careful of my position as both adductors are still twitching and acting like they may cramp again.

At first I couldn't figure out why I'd gotten the cramp. Then a possible cause occurred to me. The weather here has been balmy, with temps in the 50s and 60s. It's also rained a lot, making it quite humid. Since this is nominally winter the thermostats are set to keep the classrooms above 72F, but the actual temperature half way through class was 76F. All through class I felt hot and sticky, and I sweated a lot more than usual. I guess I allowed my electrolytes to get out of balance.

I'm going to have to miss Tuesday evening's class because of a conflict. There used to be a Beginner 2 class Monday nights, but it's now an Advanced Beginner class and I'm not ready for that yet. Wednesday is Beginner 1, which is now agonizingly slow, Thursday is another AB, and there are no classes Friday evening. So it may be next weekend before I get another class.

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  1. Eat bananas for potassium and try the Advanced Beginner level, especially if you have the same teacher as you do for Beginner II (Julie?). The class is more challenging but definitely manageable if you are used to the teacher.


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