Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's a New Year

So I made it to two classes in December. Two whole classes. I guess that's better than one or none.

I have an appointment tomorrow so I started the year with a Beginner 2 class this morning. I'd had nasty cramps in my feet and calf muscles the previous two classes and made a point of drinking some Gatorade in advance to forestall a repeat. That seems to have worked to some extent, with just some minor cramping in the longitudinal arches during barre.

I felt pretty good through most of class. The jump combo was 4 changements, 2 quick step-piqué thingies, and 2 even faster pas de bourrées. I must be out of practice because I couldn't keep up; I'll console myself by noting that neither could 2/3rds of the other students. But I tried. I guess I'll go back to practicing PDBs when I'm standing around waiting.

The last exercise was a jumpy twisty thing that I normally would have enjoyed, but I just couldn't wrap my head around the sequence. I watched the others for a while trying to pick up the pattern but never did. I'm sure it'll seem trivially easy next time I see it.

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