Sunday, July 26, 2015

Instructor Impersonation

For the two previous Sundays the Tuesday night instructor substituted for the regular instructor. The first Sunday I took the beginner 2 class with thought of also taking the advanced beginner afterward, but with her barre I was too exhausted. The second Sunday I took only the advanced beginner, and decided to leave half way through center because I was shaking with lack of energy.

One of these recent Tuesday evenings I asked her for help re my tendency to fall backward out of turns. We only had 7 students that night so not only did I get
suggestions before class, I got more feedback during class. I think it's helping.

Today the regular instructor returned. Much less intense and I thought about taking both classes but I managed to trip over my own foot during a glissade, of all things, and my foot and ankle are sore. Nothing serious I'm sure, but I decided to call it a day after the first class.

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  1. So glad that the "falling backwards" issue is getting resolved.
    What were some of the things she offered for you to try?

    For my own students who fall backwards, epecially if arms in fifth, it often appears that they are actually leaning slightly backwards to compensate for the arms being up there; or they are taking the arms to or even behind second before fifth, instead of going "straight there".
    So, we have to figure out how to "fix" that. :)


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