Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sometimes I hate being right

Yup, I was right, I'm sick. Not in the head either, though that hurts too. I wrote the previous post on the train out of central London to the suburb where I'm staying, and as I walked off the train I suddenly felt badly chilled. Checking my temperature I found it was 100.6F (38.1C), and eventually climbed to 101.2F (38.4C) before I got to sleep.

Fortunately my temp moderated enough by morning so that I could make the meetings I came here to attend (what, you thought I flew across the Atlantic to take a ballet class?), but it's still fluctuating and I have a congestion and a cough.

I was hoping to take another class Thursday at a studio in the suburbs but I'm just not up to it. Right now I'm just hoping I don't lose my voice this week, and recover enough by the weekend to enjoy some days off.

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