Sunday, May 4, 2014

Taking the slow, steady road

Wednesday I went to class at the alternate school. The beginner class there is more... err... beginner than at my usual place, and the instructor pays more attention to form than complexity. For example, this class was the first time I recall actually being taught the standard arm transitions from one position to another. At the moment, this is something I'm appreciating more than before.

The instructor for this class also adamantly refuses to allow me to help with moving the portable barres, and makes a big deal about it if I try. I've given up trying to convince her otherwise, and it'll be another two weeks before she relents (10 weeks post-op).

This morning I went to my regular Beginner 2 class. I'm trying to make this regression a learning experience. I've decided I'm depending on my calf muscles too much in jumps, and have started trying to make better use of my pliés by using my quads more. I think this may account for my improvement in the glissade jeté combination we've been doing. I've also gotten better at the turns combo (2x piqué, 3x chaîné), mostly due to the work my massage therapist and I have put into freeing up my neck so I can spot.

On the other hand, I'm still having trouble doing more than a couple pirouettes per class. The first couple are nice, with an erect posture and an easy turning motion, but after that I can't seem to get straight, hold demi-pointe or relevé, or avoid falling out of the turn part way around. I guess it'll get better with time and practice, but it'd be nice to have it now!

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