Monday, May 26, 2014

Pool-side update

I've been to class fairly regularly; I just haven't had much to blog about. Today, though, I managed to get that centered feeling again, where everything seemed balanced over the middle of my forefoot and everything rotated around that. The combination was 2x regular piqué turns, 2x step-over piqué turns, and a series of chaînés. Nothing terribly complex and I felt pretty good, at least until the last run where I got dizzy and almost fell over. My spotting is getting better, but there are limits.

After class I did a couple of pirouettes just to see, and I got all the way around with no effort. I credit the work my therapist did to loosen my hamstrings the night before. If I'm able to do it again in Tuesday's Beginner 2 class I might try the Thursday Advanced Beginner class again.

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  1. This fun to read and know what adult students are thinking! I have been teaching mainly to children/teens for 30 years and decided to commit to the adult classes at our studio this summer. I have created a Ballet Conditioning class for my new adult beginners.
    Here is a simple trick for you to keep your hamstrings loose with minimal effort-- first test your hamstring flexibility by laying on your back, gently pull one leg towards you with a slight flexed foot and gauge its height. Stand an rub your foot on a ball (spiky green one from Discount Dance is best) for 2-3 minutes. Repeat the flexibility test. Your leg should get about 20-25" higher. The secret? You have released the fascia that runs from your head to your toes. That will greatly influence your hamstring flexibility and it is great for activating your intrinsic foot muscles.


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